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Xudong Wang
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 06:23

bio_wxd_tHe is the instructor of ECE 12 capstone project.

He is currently a Distinguished Professor in Universities of Shanghai, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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Yang Yang
Wednesday, 05 January 2011 06:34

bio_yy_tHe is the sponsor of ECE 12 capstone project.

He is currently the Assistant Director and Vice CTO of Shanghai Research Center for Wireless Communications.

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Junjie Jin
Monday, 03 January 2011 17:41

bio_jjj_tIn the last three years, he was in charge of several projects related to computer science. This time, he is chosen to be the team leader for this interdisciplinary project, which involves EE, CE and CS. Although he has become somewhat proficient to design the architecture for computer science projects, still it is quite challenge for him to grasp a whole view of this one. He is interested in and has much knowledge of information security, portable software design, wireless network and etc. However, the digital design and physical layer things are not his specialty, which he will learn more about. His main task is to design a procedure of the system and to design some interfaces in order to connect separate components together. He plans to design the central controller first. After he defines all the interfaces and protocols, other team members can get started with their own part. Also, he is in charge of the terminal sides including user client and collecting system on the gate. He will lead the team to achieve the goals and be the best.

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Shanshan Wu
Monday, 03 January 2011 17:58

bio_wss_tFor all the past semesters, she has dived deep into textbooks and took every course project, lab, presentation seriously, which, as it turned out, gradually became her personal enjoyment and lately a reward in itself. During my sophomore year, she acquired the chance to be a TA for physics course, where she prepared fully for recitation classes, listened carefully and responded to students’ requests and questions, and also learned the importance of maintaining good working relationship with the other three colleagues. When students reacted positively after she gave explanations towards their questions, she always felt the joy of helping others by means of my knowledge.

In the future, maybe she’ll be a professor, improving the quality of human life through my research results and enlightening the students’ potential by devoted teaching. It’s also of high possibility that she’s going to be an engineer, being engaged in industry research and development. Whatever way she’ll be headed for, the ultimate goal is always rooted firmly and deeply in my heart, that is, to change the world using my wisdom.

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Shuyun Lei
Monday, 03 January 2011 18:05

bio_lsy_tIt is an honor to be a member of this team project. She accomplished many projects in electrical and computer engineering by individual or in team. This project involves many fields such as information security, wireless communication, biometric technology and data transmission. She is interested in information security and wireless network. She did the literature research for data encryption. She learned some knowledge of these fields and yet a lot to learn from professors and teammates. She believes our team will achieve our goals with our cooperation and determination.

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Jun Xie
Monday, 03 January 2011 18:11

bio_xj_tHer major is electrical and computer engineering. She possess a comprehensive knowledge in the techniques related to this profession such as MATLAB, C/C++, Xilinx and has been involved in several projects about mathematic modeling, image processing, pattern recognition and networks. In the spring of 2010, she went on an exchange program to University of Hong Kong and learned a lot associated with my major. Also, she is a teaching assistant in calculus and circuits, responsible for holding recitation classes, office hour, and helping the teacher to grade. Communication and signal processing are what she wants to pursue in her future career.

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Guanglei Dai
Monday, 03 January 2011 18:14

bio_dgl_tIn the past three years, He’s tried different projects in several disciplines, such as computer network authority system; smart database system; using software simulating a single-cycle processor and so on. In this project, he will probably do GUI part of the control-system as well as choosing the proper coding algorithm. GUI is an interface of software, which provides user convenient operation, such as the client software on client’s mobile phone. If the user takes the software as “looking good” and “easy to use”, then my job is well done. The second job of his doesn’t mean choosing the best algorithm but the proper one, which fits our system best. Sometimes a blind combination of best algorithms results in a second-class performance. This process will largely require cooperation between team members. So, his work not only includes the application layer but also the physical layer, which seems quite challenging, and requires a lot of hard work.  Finally he wants to mention that it’s quite a pleasure to implement this system with his honorable fellows, and he’s looking forward to a remarkable experience.

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